Adopt a Clean Slate with your Computer

A computer is a key part of our photography practice. It is worth keeping it healthy. We all rely on our computers, whether you are a photographer or a digital artist. Keeping it in a healthy state is critical. Over the years I have found that one of the keys to having an effective computer […]

Every Image Has a Story

When it comes to selling your photography and art there is one great aid. Make sure that you have a story about or involving each image. People love a story. One of the things that those of us who are serious about making images forget, whether photography or art, is why other people buy images. […]

Work With Many Levels

When we start with photography getting our cameras to do what we want and produce a well-exposed image can be a struggle. Later though, we should be concentrating on the content. Learning any new skill is a progression. In the beginning it is all tied up with the technique: whether it is driving or photography, […]

Print In More Sizes

It is easy to become stuck on one or two sizes of print. Break out of the rut and try something different. Photographs and art work can look very different depending on the size. There is no right size to print every image at. We tend to fall into habits with regard to everything, including […]

Shoot Always

Finding ways to shoot whenever and wherever you are can greatly expand your shooting experience and also open up new opportunities for your photography. Linking this with the first suggestion means that you don’t always have to use the same camera. In fact there are many times when carrying your normal camera gear would be […]