iPhone Photography: Reinvigorating Some Photographers

As I look around the web I see so many photographers, including serious, well-respected professional photographers, getting all excited about photography with their iPhones. What’s going on? Well, in the spirit of scientific investigation I have downloaded a bunch of photography apps for my iPhone and will start shooting with them and see for myself. […]

It Is Time for a Camera with Apps

My latest post on the HP Professional Photography blog (http://h30507.www3.hp.com/t5/Professional-Photography/It-Is-Time-for-a-Camera-with-Apps/ba-p/89041) discusses the potential benefits from camera manufacturers enabling the development of apps on their cameras using published APIs (application programming interface).

TrueDoF for the iPhone and iPod Touch

TrueDoF, the unique depth of field calculator for the digital photography age, is available now on iPhone and iPod Touch. TrueDoF is a major step forward in working with depth of field: TrueDoF is the only depth of field calculator that takes the effects of diffraction into account (diffraction is the blurring caused when light […]

The Ebook Ebook – Book Review

The Ebook Ebook By Michael Booth ISBN: 9788461440054 An eBook about eBooks seems an oxymoron, but isn’t, at least in this case. For this is an eBook about the whys and wherefores of producing eBooks, and given the rate at which things are changing in this field an eBook makes more sense as it is […]

iPhone Application Development for Dummies Book Review

It you are considering getting into writing apps for the iPhone, this excellent book is the one to get. iPhone Application Development for Dummies 2nd Edition By Neal Goldstein Wiley Publishing, Indianapolis, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-470-56843-9 This well written and planned book takes you through the details of iPhone app development by using easy to understand […]

Prototyping iPad Applications using Keynote (and would even work in Powerpoint)

A really interesting thing I found was a tutorial on prototyping iPad and iPhone applications by using Keynote, Apple’s Powerpoint equivalent to build an interactive prototype that will let you test the user interface before building it. Impressive. The tutorial is on Amir Khella’s blog. He also has a website that sells the themes for […]

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies Book Review

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies is part of the brilliant for Dummies series that covers pretty much everything. The book covers what you need to get your head around to setup a proper iPhone business and get it right from the start. Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies By Aaron Nicholson, Joel […]