Sept 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Russell Croman Astrophotography

This site shows the astrophotography of Russell Croman
Russell Croman Astrophotography Site Award

Russell is an amateur astronomer whose astrophotography is far from amateur. Living in Austin, Texas and with a dark skies observatory in New Mexico, he takes his astrophotography very seriously.

Russell Croman Astrophotography Site Award

The photography on the site is stunning. It covers the whole astrophotography range from the solar system to galaxies and nebula. They are primarily color images, though there are some in monochrome, where appropriate. All images are accompanied by exposure and equipment details.

Russell Croman Astrophotography Site Award

The website is clearly and well organized and navigation is easy. Images are divided into main sections by subject. There are sections covering the equipment used, as well as useful resources. There is an easy to use system that allows you to order prints of any of the images you want and there is a separate store to order either the prints of Russell’s homegrown software.

Russell Croman Astrophotography Site Award

This is a great and inspirational site and is well deserving, both for the great images and the site itself, of the Site Award. Well done Russell.

August 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Handmade Paper Pinhole Cameras

This web site shows pinhole photography done with paper cameras completely constructed out of the photo paper that the image is produced on.
Thomas Hudson Reeve pinhole photography

In the days of complex, 22MP digital cameras with auto everything, this site reminds us of just how simple it can be. The site is dedicated to the photography of Thomas Hudson Reeve, who folds pinhole cameras out of darkroom developed, photographic paper. After the exposure, the camera is unfolded and developed. The camera is thus the ultimate in single use cameras. The resulting images are amazing, both from the way they are created and from the distortions created by the unfolding of the imaging surface.

Thomas Hudson Reeve pinhole photography

The website itself is a simple treatment that works perfectly. It is elegant and allows the images lots of space. The only thing I could personally wish for is a larger view of the images so we could better see the detail.

Thomas Hudson Reeve pinhole photography

Lastly, if you go to the About the Artist page, at the bottom of which is Thomas Hudson Reeve’s name. Clicking on this takes you to another section of the site with an email contact but also a gallery of other photography he has done. Well worth a look.

This is a great site with great photography. It shows just how simple it can all be, and what an interesting statement such simplicity can make.

View the site at:

August 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – gusto images by artemi and hugh

gusto images is the web site of two photographers, Artemi Kyriacou and Hugh Turvey of London to show their advertising, design, editorial and publishing images.
gusto images

gusto images

gusto images is a website of commercial photographic images by two London-based creative photographers: Artemi Kyriacou and Hugh Turvey. Their work on the site is divided into four galleries: food, people, still life and x-ray. It was the x-ray images that led me to their site but all the imagery caught my attention. The food photography is great commercial fare, perfect, flexibly useable in commercial applications and creative. The people photography is similarly creative, covering a great range. Many exhibit great use of selective depth of field. The still life images cover a wide range of subjects of commercial interest and also exhibit strong use of selective focus. Lastly, the x-ray is strikingly colored and executed. It covers a wide and unusual array of subjects, from toy robots to shells and a kitchen sink in a suitcase.

gusto images

The website itself is also striking. Executed in Flash, the site works so well. So impressive is the easy selection slideshow in any of the galleries or the nicely scrolling thumbnail panel when accessing images manually. Great style and great execution.

gusto images

See their web site at:

July 2006 Site Award – Love-Peace-Happiness by Satoshi

Site showcases digital artwork that is a mix of many photographs and hand painted elements.
Satoshi Matsuyama

Satoshi “Satobo” Matsuyama went from a passion for jazz and Gospel music to an equal passion for creating digital images out of up to 200 individual images and a lot of hand-painted (using a graphics tablet) elements. The results are very large images (20 to 30GB files in Photoshop and 2 to 3GB printing files), and over 80 inch long prints onto canvas. Satoshi uses a Canon 1Ds Mark II camera and a Canon W8400 44-inch wide large format printer to produce the work. The Photoshop work is done on a Mac.

Satoshi Matsuyama

The resulting images are amazing. Even viewed on the web there is an impressive feeling of crispness and detail. There is a great mix of light and dark areas throughout the work. Indeed because of the technique used to create them, they have quite a HDR (high dynamic range) look to them. Thoughtfully Satoshi provides closeup sections of many of the works, so you can get a feel for the detail, and even includes occasionally a diagram showing how an image was constructed from mathematical principles.

Satoshi Matsuyama

The website is clean and easy to find your way around. The site even starts with a splash page that I do not, in this case, mind. Whilst I am not over keen on reading of lot of white on black text, it works well here are there is not that much text to look at. Artwork is organized into four (currently) galleries.

This is an excellent site with stunning artwork. Congratulations Satoshi on a wonderful website and amazing work.

Visit the website at

Wayne J. Cosshall

July 2006 Site Award – Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

Site showcases some amazing high-speed photography of liquid droplets and splashes.
Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

Martin Waugh is a scientist by training and a high-speed photographer by passion. Martin’s website,, showcases his images. Martin’s passion is the photography of drops of liquid splashing when they hit another liquid. Using high-speed flash techniques he is able to freeze the drops and splashes in mid-flight. Using colored lighting and adjusted liquids Martin is able to create the most colorful and bewitching images.

Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

The website is a joy to use. The site is simply designed and has a lovely spacious feeling that enhances the strange calm of the images. Though image heavy, it loads quickly and navigation is simplicity itself.

All-round, this is a sublime site with amazing images that are a joy to behold. Congratulations Martin on a wonderful website and amazing work.

View the site at

Wayne J. Cosshall

DAZ|Studio 3D Software Brings to Life Inspiring Christmas Book Featuring Dick Van Dyke

DAZ|Studio and DAZ 3D Models Used to Create all the Spectacular 3D Illustrations Featured in the Enchanting Children’s Book “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest”
Press Release


DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional-quality 3D
software and models, today announced the brilliant illustrations
featured in the charming Christmas picture book, “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving
Chest,” were created with DAZ|Studio, the company’s free 3D figure
posing and animation software package, and existing DAZ models and
accessories from its online store.


Produced by DAZ Productions and written by the company’s president, Dan
Farr, “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest” is a beautifully illustrated and
inspirational Christmas story about the joy of giving. Dick Van Dyke
portrays Mr. Finnegan, a kind-hearted toymaker who helps a young girl
understand the true meaning of Christmas. “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest”
is available now through DAZ Productions’ website ( and will be available in stores Nov. 15, 2005.


“One of my favorite hobbies is creating computer generated art and
imagery, which is why I was thrilled to be characterized as Mr.
Finnegan,” said Dick Van Dyke. “I’m a big fan of DAZ Productions and
was absolutely amazed with the illustrations they were able to create
with DAZ|Studio.”


Throughout the process, DAZ Productions used DAZ|Studio to create all
the illustrations for the book. Based on early pencil sketches, initial
scenes were laid out in DAZ|Studio with content gathered from DAZ
Productions’ online store – a virtual shopping mall of 3D models and
accessories. These initial composites were then improved in
DAZ|Studio’s real-time environment, where lighting, cameras, poses and
other elements were continuously refined. With assistance from NVIDIA,
DAZ Productions used OpenGL to interact with the large scenes in real
time and produce many of its test renders in a matter of only seconds,
saving them a substantial amount of production time. Final renders were
produced using 3Delight, DAZ|Studio’s software renderer option.


“With a powerful feature set and virtually no learning curve,
DAZ|Studio proved to be the perfect application for creating the
illustrations in ‘Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest’,” said Dan Farr,
president of DAZ Productions. “We simply could not have created artwork
of this quality, under such a tight deadline, using any other 3D
graphics design package.”



DAZ|Studio is a free, feature-rich 3D animation software package that
puts a complete virtual photo and motion picture studio at your
fingertips. With pre-configured 3D scenes, poseable characters,
animals, environments, clothing and accessories, DAZ|Studio is the
easiest way to quickly create high-quality digital imagery for games,
multimedia, illustration and photography applications. To see a
complete detailed list of DAZ|Studio’s features, please visit


Pricing and Availability

DAZ|Studio is free of charge and is available on Windows 98® SE or
higher and Mac® OSX 10.3 or higher. DAZ|Studio comes with three
pre-configured 3D scenes, including the popular Victoria model created
by DAZ, an extensive user manual, and easy-to-follow tutorials for
getting started. To obtain a free copy of DAZ|Studio, users register
for a free account on the DAZ website and agree to participate in the
company’s unique Tell-Ware program, which requires each DAZ|Studio user
to tell at least two friends about DAZ|Studio and/or the DAZ website.


DAZ Productions offers a large library of 3D scenes and models that can
be purchased for use with DAZ|Studio. The company also distributes the
DAZ Dispatch, an informative weekly newsletter announcing new products,
discounts and special offers for free products. Online tutorials, art
galleries, interactive forums and special membership-based savings
plans for customers are also available. For more information, please


About DAZ Productions

Founded in 2000, DAZ Productions Inc., located in Draper, Utah, is a
market leader in 3D software and digital content creation. The
company’s model library is renowned for high-quality 3D content at the
industry’s most competitive prices. DAZ also develops powerful software
applications that support its content, including Mimic(TM), a lip-synching
application, and Bryce®, a 3D environment package. DAZ|Studio, the
company’s first free 3D figure posing and animation software package,
demonstrates the company’s commitment to expand and grow the 3D
marketplace by offering free software and 3D content at affordable
prices. DAZ’s products have been used in many professional productions,
television shows and print publications such as “X-Men 2,” “Spiderman,”
“Average Joe,” “48 Hours,” The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science,
and the History Channel. For more information, please visit the
company’s website at


Copyright 2005 DAZ Productions, Inc. DAZ|Studio is a copyright of DAZ
Productions Inc. DAZ and Bryce are Registered Trademarks of DAZ
Productions Inc. Mimic is a trademark of DAZ Productions Inc. All other
brand names, product names, service marks or trademarks belong to their
respective holders.


Australian Photo Print Firm Uses HP 5500’s to Print on Canvas

Consumer Art – Large Format Printing Takes Another Leap with Hewlett-Packard Designjet
Press Release


Digital photography enthusiasts can now have their photos printed in
large format on a variety of media at a fraction of the cost.

No longer do you have to rely on image labs to output your
prints.  Companies such as Digital Prints on Canvas, allow you to
email images, or upload them on the service’s website, nominate the
size of the image and special additions, and then sit back and wait for
it to arrive on your doorstep framed and ready to hang.

Digital Prints on Canvas output photographs onto canvas (or other media
such as photo gloss) using an Hewlett-Packard (HP) Designjet 5500 large
format printer (60″) with UV inks.  The print is then stretched
over a wooden frame ready to hang and be enjoyed for many years to come.

“This technology enables people to turn memories into works of art . .
. in the past we’ve not had the technology that could economically make
this type of a business viable.  However, the HP Designjet 5500 is
so versatile.  It enables us to print images at varying sizes, on
a wide range of media with exceptional quality, and at a fraction of
the price,” says Mark Stanton, owner, Digital Prints on Canvas.

“The Designjet 5500 is obviously our main competitive advantage,” says
Stanton.  “It is connected to our PosterJet RIP server which is
also our photo library download server.  Users log onto our
website, upload their digital photos and then we print them out to

“The quality of inkjet prints has improved to the point where today you
can produce work that is on a par with prints from an image lab, yet
are more economic and therefore more accessible to the average user.”

Digital Prints on Canvas offers various finishing effects such as the
gallery wrap which literally wraps the image around the edges of the
frame.  The company also offers panoramic tiled effects or
stitched panels and will edit your image.  The company also
accepts non-digital photographs.

To find out more about Digital Prints on Canvas visit or phone Mark Stanton on 0402 454 955

For more information about the HP Designjet range of large-format printing products and services visit and for a free print sample visit

About HP

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and
institutions globally. The company’s offerings span IT infrastructure,
global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing.
For the four fiscal quarters ended April 30, 2005, HP revenue totaled
$83.3 billion. More information about HP (NYSE, Nasdaq: HPQ) is
available at

One For All Sydney Do the Latest Range Rover Ads

One for All Sydney have been hard at work on the latest Range Rover campaign for Range Rover Sport.

One For All Sydney has just completed Land Rover Australia’s new
vehicle Range Rover Sport launch. This new vehicle sits alongside Range
Rover Vogue at the top of the Land Rover range.

The campaign consists of extra-large format outdoor and super-sites in
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide. In
addition there are 4 page & 6page spectacular gatefolds in Sydney
Magazine, Melbourne Magazine, Financial Review Magazine and Qantas
Australian Way along with magazine executions in Australian Gourmet
Traveller, GQ, Men’s Style, Men’s Health, Sydney Magazine, Melbourne
Magazine, Financial Review Magazine, Wheels, Belle, Harpers Bazaar, Ad
News, B & T and Qantas Australian Way. Press consisted of front
page colour adverts in Sydney and Melbourne.

This activity has been supplemented with a 42pp brochure, a DVD DM
piece and a VIP card all directly targeted at prospects, plus a pocket
guide for retailers reference.

The launch has been extremely successful, to the extent that the brochure is in its second print run.

Client: Land Rover Australia

Creative: Morris & Partners

Media: Mindshare World Sydney

Creative Services: One For All Sydney

One For All Pty Limited

12 Ann Street



P:+61 2 9281 5544 F:+61 2 9281 6266

Profile â

Chris Barnaby does abstract digital art with a definite spiritual aspect.

Chris Barnaby first came to my attention through the International
Digital Art Awards. Since then we have been communicating and
discovered a lot in common. Chris is one of those really nice guys that
you sometimes luckily come across. Very serious about his art, he is a
deep thinker, which is reflected in his work.

Chris has been an artist during entire life. He started exploring
digital art back in the dim, dark days of the beginning of the home
computer age with many systems, a favorite being the commodore 64 and
Amiga computer. He created a computer artwork for his higher school
certificate in 1986. He completed an associate diploma in fine arts at
TAFE whilst exploring the possibilities of the video medium. He then
went on to art school at university but dropped out after one year due
to a stifling educational system. Chris found it was based around the
intellectualization of art rather than the practical creation of art
and enhancement of self-understanding through expression. Whilst a
tertiary education in art suits and helps some people, there are
certainly others, like Chris, that find it the totally wrong
environment to help their creativity. It is summed up in Chris’ saying,
“I want to create art history rather than theorize about it!”. So he
set about a process of self exploration and self learning.

In between the art, Chris was a programmer/analyst that worked in the
creation of artificially intelligent databases. He is currently the
curator for He uses most standard software packages. He
became a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and enjoys using his
hypnosis skills in the creation of his art through trancework. He
creates his art for the purpose of self pleasure and to explore the
technological medium in the rendering of experience/s of ‘the other’.
He is inspired by his experiences of ‘the other’ and the subsoncsious
mind through transcendent states of consciousness accessed via the use
of psychedelics, trance work, self-hypnosis, trance dance, meditation,
sleep deprivation, dreamwork, fasting, and overall… his intimate and
almost personal belief in his connection with spiritual aspects of

Chris defines his beliefs as: “I have a sincere belief in the
connectedness of everything. I believe that we are all part of the
creation of ‘God/dess’ and that this creation speaks to its people
through events, through art of all forms and personal experience. If
you look back on your life you will see that it has been a path that is
quite obvious. If you think also of all the small things that made you
make the choices you made to get to where you are now you will clearly
see that you have been guided. Guided by what? I personally believe
that the guide is God/dess or Spirit and this being has a hand in every
event no matter how small. I also believe that this being will
represent itself in any way that it can in this dimension and will
appear in many forms. The most unusual that has been in the past was
the Christian form of Jesus… the most modern form of this ‘other’ is
the U.F.O. and extraterrestrials. Whilst humanity further allows itself
to believe in a separation of itself from Spirit, the ‘alien other’
will appear in whatever form is necessary to ‘shake up’ our
sensibilities and allow for an experience or understanding that has to
include this Spiritual part of ourselves. We are at a time in history
where we are about to be born as a new form of consciousness. What form
this consciousness will take I have no idea of except that it will
include all being and all beings everywhere in all dimensions. My art
is a reflection of these beliefs… an honest approach at allowing the
opening of a dialogue between our selves and what we believe to be the
alien other. I believe in time we will clearly see that this “alien
other” is nothing but another aspect of our all powerful and
multidimensional selves and that we are fundamentally a creation of

Chris’ Creative Process

All of my current works start from what I call a ‘primitive’ that I
generate using a 3d program. My favorite program, at the moment for
this, is ZBrush as it is quick and fast. I have toyed with the idea of
the creation of these works in an animated and also 3dVR space. The
technology at the moment seems a little limited in what I am able to

present and express. I use a Pentium 4 – 1.6Ghz with 500MB of memory, a
Wacom tablet and output via Kodak Lambda printer at a pro photo lab on
metallic gloss paper.

My creative process is closely related to my philosophy of life which
has been with me in a kernal form from birth and then strengthened from
the experiences I have gained confirming this understanding as I live.
I firmly believe that we are all equal; ‘as above so below’ and in this
belief I form my art. My experiences throughout life have not only
confirmed this identity forming understanding, but also inform my
creative process in many ways.

I know that when I start a work it will have only the essence of the
original idea that spawned it. I prefer to keep with going with the
flow of the universe and the artwork as it happens. I know when I
create a work that my creativity will be influenced by ‘errors’ and
‘serendipity’ and I allow for this to be able to discover new ways of
representing the ideas that seem to have a need to be expressed through
my self. If I come across a new way of doing my work by accident I
always save the work at this point to be able to explore that idea
fully in other works. I sometimes develop the ‘accidental’ work to see
where it leads.

Sometimes just play with digital images and something appears other
times I start with an idea. In this instance I start with an idea that
is niggling at me to be expressed. In this instance I have been
regularly harassed by the ‘other’ to express my dreams in which the
‘other’ side of reality appears as UFO’s, UFO like objects and
extraterrestrial forms. If you look at my artworks carefully this
‘alien other’ theme has quite a strong and familiar presence to them…
this time I will be playing with the idea of a craft that represented
themselves in in one of my recent dreams

Audacity was a spin off for an album
cover that I did for a local band. The requirements for a front cover
image was that it encompass the ideas of the artist which included
their belief in magic in the city. I created this from those ideas and
the album cover features a similar ‘early’ version of this same work.
This is the completed work.

This work is designed to evoke and
emotional response with its flowing forms and colour and I believe it
does so quite successfully when seen printed full size.

This was one of my earliest works
that I did that I started to show people. I had in mind the bubbling
forms of the psychedelic waterworld when I created this. This work wa
also featured on the cover of the Heffter Review of Pyschedelic
Research journal.

I am quite obsessed with the cross
image and this work is again something I have seen inside of me whilst
I have been doing deep inner work and meditation. This is again looking
at the base  side of the generator for all of this dimension. It
appears in many forms and colours although always like a cross.

This world is reminiscent of the
experiences to be had by psychonauts when under the influence of
psilcybian mushrooms. I have personally experienced places and beings
like these and was amazed the day that I was able to finally capture
some of them for exhibit.

Thought Patterns is more of a dream
related work as I sometimes dream in colours and shapes. This work
reflects this dreaming and allows you to view it intimately and dream
along with it.