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FotoTip – Making Do

Mark Alberhasky looks at using point and shoot cameras and comes to the conclusion it is all in the photographer, not in the gear. Most serious photographers base their approach to the medium on the premise that fine quality work requires advanced, expensive equipment.  This attitude has its roots in decades of experience where high […]

FotoTip – Chance and Vision

Mark Alberhasky looks at the value of planning and practice in photography. Anyone who has ever studied photographs has seen images whose timing seems to defy the odds.  Photojournalists regularly document the world with photos that many of us simply don’t think we’d ever be capable of making.  While some of their skill is unquestionably […]

It Doesn’t Need to End When the Sun Goes Down: Night-time Infrared Photography

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that infrared photography is an activity for full sun and when confronted with a beautiful treed landscape or a portrait subject. Nothing could be further from the truth and you can use a camera for infrared photography whenever you like the results. 1/250 sec at f8, 100ISO, […]

Foto Tips – Checking The Time

Mark Alberhasky offers up a great piece of advice for those trying for that little extra something in their photography. Season’s Greetings everyone! As the holidays roll around again, we’ll all be reaching for our cameras.  Some of us will be traveling during the holidays, as I just was.  While Las Vegas is not necessarily the […]

Foto Tips – A Perspective on Lenses

Mark Alberhasky brings us great advice for the photographer on the go. While every season provides its own unique opportunities for great images, fall colors certainly rate high on most photographers “must capture” lists.Don’t forget that you’ve got to have your camera available to make the shot when you turn that corner and are unexpectedly […]

Failing Computer Memory? Hereâ

One of the classic signs of aging in adults is memory loss. In the world of computers, the same may hold true. Luckily, the diagnosis is simpler and the cure is quite readily available. Replace your computer’s memory Press Release One of the classic signs of aging in adults is memory loss. In the world […]


Beat the dull family footage curse with tips from Sony Australia Press Release Putting your home-movie audience to sleep? Shaky shots? Zooming in too close? Does this sound familiar? These are the top three mistakes Australians make when filming their home-movies, according to Sony Australia.    Australians have long been fans of the home-movie, however very few […]

Forget the Technology, Feel the Image

DIMW Column – Wayne looks at getting the relative importance of the technology and the image right. Whether you are a digital artist, photographer, graphic designer or modern illustrator, your tools of trade will probably involve technology. Mine currently involves a number of computers, both Mac and Windows, lots of software, a mix of printers […]

Looking Ahead

Foto Tip by Mark Alberhasky – Mark looks at how a bit of forethought can go a long way in helping you to get the killer image. Previsualise and sort out the technical issues beforehand. This foto tip sounds like one of the mantras from the driving school I took during the summer with my […]