Infrared Panorama Photography From the Fitzroy Gardens

As the weather and my schedule have permitted, I have been out doing panorama photography with my IR converted Canon 350D and a slightly modified Gigapan Epic motorized panorama platform. A fairly calm and sunny day allowed me some time in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

Infrared Panorama Photography With the GigaPan Epic

The GigaPan Epic is designed to only handle smaller compact digital cameras. But a bit of ingenuity allowed me to use my Canon 350D, which was converted for infrared photography, with the Epic to produce IR panoramas.

Using Larger Digital Cameras With the GigaPan Epic Panorama Unit

The GigaPan Epic is designed for small, compact digital point and shoot cameras. Yet a half hours work with some aluminum, a drill and a thread-tapping device will remove many of the limitations and allow you to take panoramas with larger cameras, including dSLRs.

De-aging and Removing Skin Blemishes in PSE (Photoshop Elements) 6 and 7 By Using Blur Tutorial

Retouching photos to remove skin blemishes and wrinkles is a common task. For faces with only a few wrinkles the Rubber Stamp Cloning Tool works well. But for other images you need another approach. This technique uses the blur filter.

False Color Infrared Images with the XDP Filter, the people who converted my 350D and will do my next camera, also sell filters. I’ve been testing a number of their infrared filters of late and the first one I will talk about is their unusual XDP filter.

Infrared on the Land, IR Photography of the Rural Landscape

Over the last month I’ve been doing a lot of photography out in the country. Some of this has been of wild areas but much of it has been  the rural farm country. I shot with my converted for infrared Canon 350D digital camera, mostly with either my Canon 100-400mm L series lens or with […]

Digital Tri-Color Photography with free Photoshop action

An old technique has a new lease on life in the digital world of Photoshop to create interesting images from both compact digital cameras and from dSLRs. Back in the dark ages when I shot film 🙂 I used a creative technique called tri-color photography. In this technique I would set my camera, then a […]