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How To Win Photo Competitions – An eBook Review

How To Win Photo Competitions is an eBook it was about time somebody wrote, and who better that Peter Eastway, who has not only won many competitions at the highest levels but has also judged so many competitions himself. How To Win Photo Competitions By Peter Eastway eBook, 2011 A$49.95 The ninety page eBook not […]

Experimental Digital Photography Book Review

Experimental Digital Photography By Rick Doble Lark Photography Books, 2010 ISBN 978-1-60059-517-2 Rick Doble’s Experimental Digital Photography is a timely and excellent book for loosening people up and helping them to break out. The book focuses on the more expressive and creative forms of photography, from using slow shutter speeds and creating extreme blur to […]

iPhone Application Development for Dummies Book Review

It you are considering getting into writing apps for the iPhone, this excellent book is the one to get. iPhone Application Development for Dummies 2nd Edition By Neal Goldstein Wiley Publishing, Indianapolis, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-470-56843-9 This well written and planned book takes you through the details of iPhone app development by using easy to understand […]

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies Book Review

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies is part of the brilliant for Dummies series that covers pretty much everything. The book covers what you need to get your head around to setup a proper iPhone business and get it right from the start. Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies By Aaron Nicholson, Joel […]

New dxomark.com camera sensor performance analysis compares latest Advanced Compacts vs. DSLRs RAW image quality

DxO Labs announces today the publication of detailed RAW-based image quality data and DxOMark Sensor rankings on its popular www.dxomark.com website for a range of Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony digital cameras, including some of the latest models in the advanced compact and DSLR categories.

Book + Art – A book that covers making artist books

Dorothy Simpson Krause’s latest book is a gem. Not specifically about digital processes, but a gem never the less. It is a book about how to make your own artist books. It covers a whole range of techniques and applications and is illustrated bya great selection of artist books.

301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques

A great book for photographers and digital artists about inkjet printing and printers. 301 Inkjet Tips and TechniquesAn Essential Printing Resource for PhotographersBy Andrew DarlowThomson Course Technology PTR, 2008ISBN-10: 1-59863-204-3ISBM-13: 978-1-59863-204-0 This amazing book is aimed squarely at helping photographers with all those issues we have with inkjet printers and getting the results we want. […]

Scott Kelby Computer Books

Scott Kelby is Top-Selling U.S. Computer Book Author for 2007, According to Nielsen BookScan Data Press Release For the fourth consecutive year, Peachpit author Scott Kelby hasbeen recognized as the top-selling computer book author in the U.S.according to Nielsen BookScan data. Kelby’s Peachpit titles continue to lead the pack with the numberone iPod(R) book, The […]

Podcasting Pocket Guide

If you are thinking about podcasting and want to read a small, yet authorative book, this is the one. Podcasting Pocket GuideBy Kirk McElhearn, Richard Giles & Jack D. HerringtonO’Reilly Media, 2006ISBN: 0-596-10230-5 Tempted by podcasting but don’t know what you need to know to do it? Not ready to dive into a heavy but […]

The Teamworking Pocketbook

A pocket sized guide to teambuilding and making teams work right. The Teamworking PocketbookBy Ian FlemingManagement Pocket Books, 1999ISBN: 190377621X This little 94-page book manages to pack a huge amount of sensible advice into a tiny package. It is organized as single pages on a single topic, with related topics gathered together into chapters. The […]

The Power of Nice

rnA book that argues that there is a better way than the ruthless, cut throat and self-absorbed approach to work and relationships that is often pushed as the best way to get ahead. The Power of NiceHow to conquer the world with kindnessBy Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin KovalInspired Living, 2007ISBN: 9781741750959 This seems to […]

iPhoto 6 – The Missing Manual

iPhoto is a great piece of software and this latest version covers lot of the bases a digital photographer needs. This book examines it all. iPhoto 6The Missing ManualBy David Pogue and Derrick StoryO’Reilly Media, 2006ISBN: 0-596-52725-X iPhoto comes with new Macs and is part of the iLife collection. But there is no written manual […]

Switching to the Mac â

For the increasing numbers of Windows users who are switching over to the Mac, there lies a different way of working. They need help with that transition and this book provides it. Switching to the Mac – Tiger EditionThe Missing ManualBy David Pogue & Adam GoldsteinO’Reilly Media, 2005ISBN: 0-596-00660-8 With so many people making the […]

Working the Light – A Landscape Photography Masterclass

A great book covering landscape photography processes, thinking and creativity Working the LightA Landscape Photography MasterclassBy Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward and Eddie EphraumsArgentum, 2006ISBN: 1 902538 46 3 Another unusual book from Argentum, this one focuses in a broad way on landscape photography. The four authors take a section of the book each:*   […]

Landscape within – Insights and inspiration for photographers

An outstanding book on photography and the ways to think about it. Landscape withinInsights and inspiration for photographersBy David WardArgentum, 20041 902538 34 X Written by a great landscape photographer, this book goes well beyond just presenting beautiful landscape images and rather gets into the psychological and perceptual aspects of photography. Furthermore, the core coverage […]

Exploring the Invisible

Art, Science and the Spiritual Exploring the InvisibleArt, Science and the SpiritualBy Lynn GamwellPrinceton University Press, 2002ISBN: 0 691 08972 8 This book looks at the impact of science on modern art. It focuses on how the way that science has opened up previously invisible worlds has inspired artists since the mid-nineteenth century. This 345-page […]

The Annabel Williams Book of Wedding and Portrait Photography

A very comprehensive book on wedding/portrait photography The Annabel Williams Book of Wedding and Portrait PhotographyBy Annabel WilliamsRotoVision, 2003ISBN: 2 88046 779 9 The author of this book is a leading British proponent of a relaxed and natural portrait and wedding style. An educator as well as a photographer in high demand, she brings to […]

New Masters of Photoshop, Volume 2

Photoshop artists explain their own work processes by walking you through the development of an image New Masters of Photoshop, Volume 2Various authorsFriends of Ed, 2004ISBN: 1 59059 315 4 This is an interesting book. It consists of individual chapters written by the artist themselves that lead you through their thought processes and effectively gives […]

Podcast Solutions

The Complete Guide to Podcasting Podcast SolutionsThe Complete Guide to PodcastingBy Michael W Geoghehan and Dan KlassFriends of Ed, 2005ISBN: 1 59059 554 8 This is an amazing book. Yes, I have said that up front. It is a one-stop guide to podcasting, the phenomenon of webcasting of audio programs that has revolutionized radio, business, […]