Book + Art – A book that covers making artist books

Dorothy Simpson Krause’s latest book is a gem. Not specifically about digital processes, but a gem never the less. It is a book about how to make your own artist books. It covers a whole range of techniques and applications and is illustrated bya great selection of artist books.

Push Yourself That Bit More, and Thus Push Your Photography

Do you give up when out photographing just a little too soon or do you give up when you have a succession of failures with a new technique? If so, you need to read this. You may be tired and decide to pack it in for the day. And of course as soon as you […]

Every Image Has a Story

When it comes to selling your photography and art there is one great aid. Make sure that you have a story about or involving each image. People love a story. One of the things that those of us who are serious about making images forget, whether photography or art, is why other people buy images. […]