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Analyses of additional Olympus digital cameras now available on dxomark.com

dxomark.com publishes RAW performance data on the Olympus E-410 D-SLR and the Olympus SP-570 UZ bridge camera DxO Labs announces today the publication of detailed RAW-based image quality data and DxOMark Sensor rankings on its popular www.dxomark.com website for two additional cameras, the Olympus E-410 D-SLR, and a bridge model, the Olympus SP-570 UZ.

Gitzo GM2541 Carbon-Fiber Monopod Video Review and Tutorial on How-To Use a Monopod

We review the Gitzo and also cover how to use a monopod for those that have never experienced one. Gitzo’s GM2541 is a four section, carbon fiber monopod. It weighs half a kilo (1.1lbs) and rises to a maximum height of 1.6m (63in) from a collapsed length of 53cm (20.9in).  The leg sections use the […]

Olympus E-510 Infrared Performance

We test the E-510 for infrared photography performance with the Hoya R72 filter. The E-510 is a handy and compact camera. Also common to all the Olympus dSLRs we have tried, it actually has a Live View that works reasonably well in infrared (you just have to put it in Live View Boost mode from […]

Olympus E-3 Digital SLR Camera Image Noise Test

We test image image quality from this excellent camera. The Olympus E-3digital camera is an impressive unit and is Olympus’ replacement for the E-1, their ‘professional’ model. It has a decent resolution of10Mpixels, LivePreview using the shooting sensor, a swing and tilt LCDscreen and excellent ergonomics and weather proofing. The weatherproofing I can testify to […]

Canon G9 Image Noise Tests

We test the Canon G9 digital camera for image noise The Canon G-series have been great cameras, filling a great middle position between compact digitals and the digital SLR crowd. The G9 is a very nicely designed camera, having great control placement and layout, a good size and excellent image quality, at least at the […]

Maxtor Shared Storage II

The Maxtor Shared Storage II offers 1 TeraByte of storage space on your local network and some great backup software. For the last year I’ve been using a Maxtor Shared Storage II device. This NAS (network attached storage) device contains one terabyte of storage on two drives that you can configure as one 1 terabyte […]